Why I Started My Health and Wellness Journey

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I started my journey to health and wellness about two years ago when I decided to get a Premium Starter Kit with Young Living. I was so excited when that box arrived and was so ready to start feeling better. I opened it up and those shiny 11 bottles were staring back at me. It was this moment that changed everything. From this moment on I started making real life changes.


I was only 21 years old but I was having regular migraines, was exhausted constantly, and the ringing in my ears and tremors in my hands were continually getting worse. Don’t take this the wrong way. I live and have lived an extremely blessed life. However, I felt I was too young to be living my life this way. My emotions were everywhere and I was pushing the most important people in my life away. My health was affecting my mental state. 22 years old should have been my prime time for going out and living my life but the last thing I wanted to do was stay out past 9pm.

At this same time I was so tired living how I was living I went to see a neurologist. He put me on meds for my migraines. What he didn’t tell me was the meds most people get put on for migraines, and the meds he put me on, were actually anti-depressants. What he did tell me was to slowly increase my dose until the migraines went away. He didn’t tell me to keep an eye out for potential mood swings or suicidal thoughts. But that is what happened. I was  all of a sudden having memory loss. Like missed three appointments I had made in a two week period. Never had I ever missed an appointment I had made in my entire life. When I told my mom that I didn’t know what was happening she looked up the meds the neurologist put me on and we found out it was an anti-depressant medication. I made an appointment to go back to the neurologist. Since I knew it was a serious thing to just go off anti-depressants, I didn’t do that, I made an appointment to go back instead. And guess what. I forgot the appointment…. I rescheduled and set a reminder in my phone AND told my mom so she could call me to help me get there on time.

I get there and tell him what has been happening. He, in a nonchalant way, says “Oh okay, we can try a different med that isn’t as strong. Different people react differently to these meds. I have some patients that are on 5 times the dose you are on in order to get rid of their migraines and they don’t have any side effects”. Okay get this. THIS is what this motherfucker tells me next…. “If you were on that kind of dose you’d be comatose.” What. The. Mother. Trucker. Comatose!  This is the med that he had me increasing my own dose until my migraines went away…. OKAY.

Sooooo I took control of my own life and decided to figure out what was actually causing my migraines instead of treating the symptoms. I cut out all sorts of foods and started a new diet on August 1, 2016. I cut out gluten, diary, soy, meat, and preservatives. For the most part I would call my diet “Pegan” or Paleo Vegan. I stuck to this diet strictly for 3 months. I was eating fish and veggies and some grains. And that’s basically it. It takes a full 120 days for gluten to completely get out of your system so the first month especially I was still having regular, killer migraines. For this reason I also did a slight digestive Essential Oil cleanse. They slowly started to dissipate over the days though. After about 8 weeks I was starting to feel better. A lot better. It was like coming up for air after you’ve been underwater for too long. The relief washes over you and you can literally feel it physiologically. I started adding foods back into my diet over time. To this day I don’t eat gluten. It absolutely gives me migraines so I just refuse to eat it.  No matter the stigma people may look at me with when I tell them I am gluten free and all they see a skinny chica on a ‘diet’. That’s their problem.

Then I found yoga. And it changed my life. 3 months after I fully committed to a regular yoga practice I signed up for a Yoga Teacher Training Program. I recently just completed my 200 hour training and am in the process of sending in my certification to Yoga Alliance.

I credit my quality of life to essential oils, food, and yoga. Health and wellness  isn’t just about your body. It is about your mentally and how you live your life. I decided to cut the crap and instead I say to life “NamastayOiled”. That is what I will be striving to share with you on this blog. And I can’t wait.

If you want to see more about oils, yoga, my life, and my silly pups follow me on social media. If you are ready to tell life “NamastayOiled” and would like me to be your crazy oil lady, send me a message on the contact me page. I never want you to feel like I am selling you something but will never hide the fact that this is my business. I am in the business of making people’s lives better and I am extremely proud of that.




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