FriDiary – Cleansing with Essential Oils

Hello Again! FriDiary will be a regularly occurring post on this blog, although it won’t be every Friday. This Friday’s Diary will be about the cleanse I am currently doing! I am on a strict gluten free diet BUT just because someone is gluten free doesn’t necessarily mean they are healthy. And I have been slipping lately. Like eating bad food way too often. I’m human. But because of this I haven’t been feeling so hot. The worse I feel, the less I do yoga, and the worse I feel. It’s a vicious circle. So I decided to do a gentle cleanse with Young Living Cleansing Trio and essential oils. After all…..

“All Disease Starts in the Gut” – Hippocrates


There is more and more research coming out about how important gut health is. I guess Hippocrates knew what the heck he was talking about. The Cleansing Trio is geared towards gut health and stimulates your digestive system. I am in no way a gut expert. I have only begun research so please do not think I am claiming to be an expert here. Once I started reading about leaky gut that is when I decided I wanted to do a cleanse, especially because I have been failing on the food front lately.

The Cleansing Trio is a set of three supplements by Young Living that work well together: Comfortone, ICP, and Essentialzyme. Young Living states that this kit cleanses your system and eliminates waste.

I started off with Comfortone by taking one pill in the morning and one at night for two days and then increased to two pills morning and night. I did really well about staying on top of this! After about a week of this I added in ICP and started to drink it once a day (….except for the whole it was my birthday on a weekend and didn’t follow this at all…..oh well! It still has been working!) ICP is a powder that you add to water(or juice) and drink. It doesn’t taste great so I plug my nose and chug. It isn’t the worst and some people even like it. It is just very earthy. The packaging states to drink it right away after you mix it with liquid because if it sits too long it becomes thick. The goal is to keep taking the Comfortone and start drinking ICP 3 times a day….but I am horrible at structure. Even with me failing to drink it as often as it says I still am feeling a difference! At the same time that I started taking the ICP, I started taking Essentialzyme on an empty stomach about an hour before each meal. Except for breakfast because I eat right when I get up most of the time. They say taking this on an empty stomach is the most beneficial way to take it.

Throughout the entire process I have upped my water intake quite a bit. My goal is 88 fluid ounces a day. I haven’t been hitting my goal every day but I’ve been doing pretty good. When I am not doing a cleanse I shoot for about 60 ounces a day. The rule of thumb I follow is to drink at least half your body weight in ounces or more, every day. So, half your body weight and the drink that number in ounces every day. That in itself will start to cleanse your system. I have been adding Lemon EO to my water as well. And a few times throughout this cleanse I have taken a capsule with a couple drops of Peppermint EO. 

So far I love this cleanse! It is much more gentle than some of the detoxes and cleanses that are out there(from what I hear, I haven’t ever done a major one). I didn’t feel low energy, like you might from only drinking juice. No hate on a juice cleanse, it just ins’t my style. Especially because I work full time and my metabolism is like a butter bullet. I don’t have time for that right now. I didn’t have any moments where I had a panicked rush to the restroom.  My stomach has definitely been making some crazy noises though. Essentially, it just got things moving and grooving and doing what they were supposed to already be doing! And I suck at following the rules and haven’t been as regular with it as I should be and it still is working! That is what I love about Young Living products- they work with your body and support your body systems. They don’t override your systems or block your neurotransmitters(many prescription drugs do this). They work in harmony with your body to help you naturally feel better. I’m sure if I was better about taking everything how I am supposed to it would work even better. I’m going to work on that for the last half of the cleanse and try to step it up. If you’re the kind of person that can follow structure then 1. this will work great for you and 2. I’m jealous. If you’ve been thinking about doing a cleanse I definitely recommend this one!

Disclaimer- I am not claiming that essential oils or these products treat or cure symptoms. I do believe they work in harmony with your body to support bodily systems naturally.

If you decide to try out this cleanse please read and follow the instructions per Young Living. If you are concerned at all I recommend contacting your doctor.




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