Featured Oil of the Week – Thieves

For the LOVE of Thieves! This oil right here is why I got hooked on Essential Oils! Peppermint might have been my first love but Thieves is life. 100% die hard, head over heals, will never be without, hooked. Dead serious.

So, let’s get in to it! Let us start with the story of the name behind Thieves, because if you are unaware the name Thieves might throw you. But yes, it is Thieves like thief. Thief of my heart…. Okay that was lame. Moving on.

Rewind! Circa 15th century. The Black Plague is rampant. ¬†Everyone around you is dying. Great fun right. There was a group of 4 thieves who took advantage of the situation. They were robbing the dead and not catching the black death! They were supposedly apothecaries that would arm themselves with a concoction of vinegar, herbs, and other spices in order to not catch the plague. The story varies based on the storyteller but the consensus is that one way or another (whether they offered to give up their recipe or the judge ordered them to give it up rather than be sentenced to death) they gave up the recipe. And Thieves EO is inspired by that recipe! If this story really interests you because 1. you like history or 2. you’d love to argue with me, there are a couple books that talk about these thieves that you could read. And no, I won’t argue with you. Everyone is entitled to their opinion about stories from hundreds of years ago.

No matter the version of the story, I LOVE Thieves EO in real present time!

Some of the amazing reasons why I love Thieves EO-

  • Diffuse Thieves solo in your cold water diffuser to scrub the air of your home. Do it often.
  • Dilute in carrier oil and apply to the bottoms of your feet to help support a healthy immune system. Bump it with some Oregano EO when seasons change is coming. Dilute more for children
  • Add one drop of Thieves Vitality* to a spoon full of Honey and stir into hot tea. Your throat will go ooohhh, aaaahhhhh (if you aren’t used to it, you might not enjoy the taste. It will be worth it though)
  • Add a few drops of Thieves Vitality to a capsule, fill the rest with carrier oil and take to help support healthy immunity (If you’re a seasoned oiller, do one drop sublingual, under your tongue)
  • Add a few drops in your dishwasher, especially when someone in your house is sicky

*The Vitality line with Young Living are Essential Oils labeled for dietary use.

Some of the other amazing Thieves Young Living products I cannot live without (I will do an entire Ditch and Switch post about these products in the future!)-

  • Thieves Household Cleaner
  • Thieves Hand Purifier
  • Thieves Toothpaste
  • Thieves Mouthwash
  • Thieves Foaming Hand Soap
  • Thieves Dish Soap
  • Thieves Fruit and Veggie Cleaner

I would have to say that Thieves EO and NingXia Red(a YL supplement) are the two health and wellness products that have made the biggest difference since starting my journey. I can feel the difference when I use them and especially when I don’t use them.

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Before starting your journey with Essential Oils please do more research and have someone experienced with EOs help you out. If you do not have anyone you know with EO experience, you can message me through the Contact Me page. And of course keep tuning in to this blog for more EO information!

Much of the information within my essential oil posts I have learned in my course study with The School for Aromatic Studies and from personal usage.

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