A Beginners Guide to Sun Salutations

Happy Friday! And Happy first ever Yoga Video to me! If you would like to learn how to do a sun salutation then check out my instructional video below.

When I first started yoga, teachers would say ‘go through your flow and meet in down dog’…..whaaaaaat. I had no idea. Once I learned what they were, sun salutations have been the base for my home practice. It builds strength AND you can learn to slowly build a flow surrounding sun salutations. As a brand new, just out of yoga teacher training student of yoga I still am working on creating flows that, well….flow. So these are helpful for me and I hope they are for you to!

Even as I have gained some strength, I still start out with this modified ‘beginner’ level sun salutation. Then as my body warms up, after three or four rounds of modified sun salutations, I start to move into more traditional sun salutations.

Remember, it isn’t about the end pose, it is about the process. Yoga is a practice, enjoy every moment.


In my diffuser for today’s practice I had Citrus Fresh. An uplifting and awakening scent for saluting the sun! For more Essential Oil fun, check out these blog posts on Essential Oils here and here!





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