Featured Oil of the Week: Tea Tree

A hoard worthy oil. I probably have at least 3 unopened bottles of Tea Tree because the idea of not having it is unacceptable to me. I love my Tea Tree Essential Oil(EO) and it is one of the oils I have on my person at all times. I use it for many reasons but there is one in particular that is the main cause of my emotional attachment.

Uses for Tea Tree essential oil:
  • Add one drop on top of your Thieves Aromabright toothpaste and brush away! Tea Tree is excellent at supporting gum, tooth, and mouth health. Do this about once a week in addition to your regular routine.
  • Use in a scalp rinse to promote a healthy scalp. Pour about 3 oz of witch hazel in the bottom of a small spray bottle and add 20 drops Tea Tree EO, 20 drops Rosemary EO, and 20 drops Cedarwood EO. Fill with water. Spray on scalp. Do not wash out. If you can leave it overnight!
  • Supports healthy skin! Use diluted to help keep your skin healthy, anywhere on your body.
  • Mix with Beeswax and Lemon EO to create your own cuticle cream! Or for a liquid, use sweet almond carrier oil instead.
  • Fall changing of weather- Apply two drops of Tea Tree EO and one drop of Oregano EO in a palm full of coconut oil and apply to the bottoms of your feet to help support a healthy immune system. Put socks on to keep it in place!
  • Diffuse to scrub the air and help you breathe cleaner
  • Drop two drops in your laundry to give it a boost, perhaps when you wash the dog bed or wash sheets after someone has been sick
  • Clean mold in your home/shower/etc by ‘bumping’ your Thieves cleaner with Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • FAVORITE USE for Tea Tree EO: Dab under my nose to prevent smells like perfumes from entering my nose. This may seem strange but for me it works and I know of others who have used it successfully this way. That is how I learned about it. I am extremely sensitive to smells. That may seem counter-intuitive to the fact I’m telling you I dab Tea Tree EO right under my nose because Tea Tree is a hella strong smelling oil. BUT Essential Oils are natural and don’t give me migraines. Fake smells that have synthetic perfumes and smells in them give me some of the worst migraines I get. I can smell that lady three isles down who can no longer smell her own perfume so she sprays 5 sprays so she can, okay. I hate it. Now that I have my oils, when I smell anything synthetic I rip out my Tea Tree as fast as I can and put it under my nose. I always, always have Tea Tree on me at all times.
  • Second Favorite Use: It goes in my all natural deodorant recipe! Don’t worry I will be sharing my recipe on here soon. Subscribe so you don’t miss it!


Thank you for reading! On this blog we talk about all things essential oils and yoga, plus a little more. Sharing the oil love is my passion, not just my job. If you are interested in using Essential Oils you can contact me with questions or check out this post. Or both!





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