Featured Oil of the Week: Lavender

The Swiss Army Knife of oils! So many good uses for Lavender Essential Oil. If you aren’t sure what oil to use, Lavender is always a good place to start. Like always, let’s get to it!


Calming ways to use Lavender EO
  1. At night! Diffuse at night to support healthy sleep
  2. In a hot bath! Add 4 drops of Lavender EO to half a cup of Epsom salt then add to the water
  3. Create a roller to use before bed. Recipes ideas below. Everyone will love a different recipe so try them all and mix it up. Best spots to apply are bottoms of feet and the back of your neck.
    1. My favorite blend for a night time roller is 2 parts Lavender EO to 1 part Dream Catcher EO! It is amazing
    2. Equal parts Lavender EO and Cedarwood EO
    3. 2 parts Lavender EO to 1 part Roman Chamomile EO
    4. Equal parts Lavender EO and Clary Sage EO (I like this one for one week out of the month- ladies, you’re welcome) Roll on to lower belly and bottoms of feet before bed
    5. Equal parts Lavender EO and Stress Away EO
  4. ‘Monster Spray’ Create a room spray for your kids that will ‘repel’ the monsters! It will create a create a calming aroma for your kids. Spray around the room as part of your night time routine. Put 1 Tbs of salt in the bottom of a glass spray bottle (or use 1 Tbs of witch hazel), add 20 drops of Lavender, and then fill the rest with water
Other uses
  1. Diffuse with Lemon EO during your yoga or meditation practice
  2. Add to your face moisturizer to support healthy skin appearance! I love it with my ART Light Moisturizer
  3. Add one drop to your hair oil, like an Argan oil, for healthy hair that smells great
  4. Insect after bite
  5. Add Lavender EO to a small amount of natural lotion, like this one, or to coconut oil and apply to a troublesome skin area
  6. Add Lavender EO and Rosemary EO to a small amount of witch hazel in a spray bottle, fill the rest with water and spray on to scalp. Leave on overnight to support scalp health
  7. Diffuse with Lemon EO and Peppermint EO for when the seasons change and breathe happy
  8. Slight sunburn? Apply Lavender Essential Oil diluted to support your skins natural function. Please only use high quality oils for this. Cheap oils can make even the lightest sunburn extremely worse. Read more on the quality of oils here.
  9. Add one drop to your new bottle of mascara to support eyelash health! If it works on your head, it’ll work on your lashes! Again, do not use cheap oils for this. You will regret it. Use Young Living, and you’ll love it.
  10. Create a scrub with 1 cup of sugar, 1 cup of sweet almond oil, 1 tbs of Epsom Salt, and 20 drops of lavender

Thank you for reading and I hope this helped! On this blog we talk about all things essential oils and yoga, plus a little more. Sharing the oil love is my passion, not just my job. If you are interested in using Essential Oils you can contact me with questions or check out this post. Or both!




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