Featured Oil of the Week- Purification

This week we have some infographics about the essential oil blend Purification by Young Living! Purification has many uses, like most essential oils. This blend of oils is most recognizable by its signature Lemongrass smell, but has some other amazing oils in it too!

Pin these images for future reference, wink wink.


Purification is one of the oils that is in the Premium Starter Kit and for good reason! It is definitely one of the oils that I always keep on hand. This is always in my bag when we go camping and I will even put it on the dogs when we go to a really buggy camp spot.

If you’re interested in this oil contact me! I love talking oils and helping people incorporate essential oils into their lifestyle. I hope you enjoyed these pinable infographics! Subscribe to this blog for more essential oil goodness every week.




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