Featured Oil of the Week: Frankincense

Frankincense! This amazing oil has so many wonderful properties and benefits that it is hard to live without. This essential oil is made from Frankincense trees in Northern Africa. They produce the oil from the resin that seeps from the trees.


This Essential Oil has a long history and was even given to the baby Jesus. I always think of Christmas because of this and figured this would be great time to tell you all about Frankincense Essential Oil! Using Essential Oils can help you live a healthier lifestyle. Start using essential oils like Frankincense every day to start living a life of wellness.

  1. Great for soothing and protecting your skin from the elements! This oil was beloved by old societies. It was known to be used by the wealthy for embalming purposes. For this same reason is why it is great for your skin! No matter your age, adding a drop of Frankincense to your moisturizer is well worth it. Read more in the side note below!
  2. Yogis- A grounding and spiritual oil to use during your yoga or meditation practice. Either diffuse or apply topically.
  3. Frankincense essential oil is great for calming. Drop two drops in your palms and rub them clockwise together, cup your palms over your nose and breathe deeply, then hold your palms over the back of your neck.
  4. Drop one drop under your tongue (also called sublingual) to help support a healthy immune system.
  5. Massage into desired area after an awesome asana practice or workout
  6. Apply Frankincense EO to any skin areas you would like a little extra help with
  7. Diffuse for an uplifting scent on a rainy day
Essential oils that go great with frankincense
  1. Copiaba EO – can be great for supporting a healthy skeletal system
  2. Lavender EO- calming and skin support
  3. Peppermint EO- can be very soothing for head tension
  4. Patchouli EO and Cedarwood EO- a great pair for yogis!
  5. Lemon EO- uplifting and amazing diffuser dou

Side note- Why do we add it to our moisturizer instead of just putting it directly onto the skin? Essential oils are volatile substances, which means that they literally jump into the air! That is why when someone opens a bottle of Lavender essential oil across the room it isn’t long before you can smell it. When you put a drop of essential oil onto your skin it will do the same thing. In order to hold on to those essential oil molecules, and prevent them from jumping off your skin and into the air, we put them in a carrier oil or a thicker, fatty oil. Then it holds them to your skin and there is more of the essential oil for your skin to absorb. We don’t want to be wasting precious Frankincense essential oil!

Frankincense EO is great for supporting your overall wellness! Pin the image above to save this blog post for future reading. Frankincense even comes in the Premium Starter Kit, which is crazy! This isn’t the cheapest oil but it is one of the most beloved essential oils. You can start using essential oils to live a life of wellness. I always tell all my customers that using Young Living isn’t about buying essential oils, it is about living a life of wellness.

If you’re interested in this oil contact me! I love talking oils and helping people incorporate essential oils into their lifestyle. I hope you enjoyed this post and perhaps you learned something new. Subscribe to this blog for more essential oil goodness every week.




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