Featured Oil of the Week: Copaiba

Copaiba is an essential oil (EO) that many new oil users have no idea what to do with but it is in the Premium Starter Kit for a reason!
Young Living(YL) makes this essential oil from the Copaiba trees in the Brazilian rain forest by tapping the tree, similar to how you see maple trees being tapped for maple syrup!
“You’ll be hard-pressed to find real copaiba essential oil anywhere in the United States. It’s true, other companies sell copaiba “oil” that contains the entire resin or is a distilled form of the leaf. Unfortunately these products don’t contain the high amounts of beta caryophyllene that is in the Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ copaiba essential oil” (Young Living Blog).
Have you ever heard of beta-caryophyllene? It is a naturally occurring constituent in essential oils. Meaning that it is a tiny molecule that is in some essential oils. It is also known and sought after for being in medicinal cannabis. Look it up! Well, YL Copiaba EO has even higher amounts of this amazing little constituent than medical cannabis. This makes Copaiba a special EO that you should try out!
It helps support nearly every system in our body, so you should start using it! It also is a magnifier for other oil properties so you can “Bump” other essential oils.
Some of the awesome uses for Copaiba EO:
  • Skin support- apply topically to support healthy skin (apply to your face, to your thighs, and any other areas you’d like your skin to go back ten years). Great to pair with Frankincense!
  • Diffuse for an uplifting and happy aroma
  • Stomach support – use with DiGize topically or take by itself in a capsule
  • Help support a healthy metablosim by applying topically to the bottoms of your feet every day
  • Diffuse at night before bed to unwind
  • Apply topically to your throat when you have a scratchy throat
  • “Bump” another oil by adding Copaiba EO
  • Help your body’s response to inflammation by applying Copaiba topically or by taking it internally in a capsule. Start with one drop in a capsule, fill with carrier oil, and go from there.
  • Use this oil to help with muscle soreness recovery after
Young Living Blends that have Copaiba eo in them:
  • Deep Relief Roll On
  • Breathe Again Roll On
  • Stress Away

Thank you for reading and I hope you try this EO that you might not have tried otherwise! If you would like to read more about getting started with essential oils you can check this page out. AND subscribe to this blog so you never miss an essential oil tip!




Before starting your journey with Essential Oils please do more research and have someone experienced with EOs help you out. If you do not have anyone you know with EO experience, you can message me through the Contact Me page. And of course keep tuning in to this blog for more EO information by subscribing!

Much of the information within my essential oil posts I have learned in my course study with The School for Aromatic Studies and from personal usage.

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