Jump Start Your Meditation Practice with Essential Oils

If you’re in the yoga world, more than likely you have heard about essential oils. Whether you need a jump start or a new focus, essential oils can enhance your meditation practice in many ways. From grounding to uplifting, energizing to calming, there is an essential oil for that.

“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: not going all the way, and not starting”. – Buddha

I have used many different essential oils and use them regularly in both my meditation and yoga practice. I find that they can help me refocus when I have hit a slump or can help me find specifically what I am seeking out of a practice. Outlined below are some of my favorites for common focuses in our practices.



I would recommend reaching for any of the tree essential oils if you want a grounding practice.

Fir, Blue Spruce, Geranium-  Put 2 drops of this combo on the bottoms of your feet diluted with carrier oil

Pine, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang- Put 2 drops of this combo on the bottoms of your feet diluted with carrier oil

Clary Sage- Diffuse 3 drops for grounding and to cleanse energies


Any of the Citruses are a safe bet for an uplifting practice.

Grapefruit and Lemon- Diffuse 2 drops of each

Frankincense- Apply topically to temples, wrists, and neck diluted properly

Jade Lemon and Eucalyptus- A very special and yummy blend! Diffuse 2 drops of each


A good go to is always mixing citruses and herbs for energizing blends.

Lemon and Rosemary- Diffuse 3 drops of each

Marjoram- Apply topically to temples and wrists diluted properly with carrier oil


Lavender is widely known to give a calming aroma. Here are some additional ideas.

Cedarwood and Lavender- Diffuse 2 drops of each

Orange and Patchouli- Diffuse or apply topically to bottoms of feet(dilute with carrier oil)

Vetiver and Tangerine- Diffuse or apply topically to bottoms of feet(dilute with carrier oil)


Yogi Tip- If you decide to put diluted essential oils on the bottoms of your feet, do it about 30 minutes before you start your practice. Give it some time to soak in, to not only allow the essential oils to enter your body but also so your feet don’t slip! Or use some yogi socks that help with grip on the days you want to put oils on your feet.

One of the amazing traits of essential oils is that they work synergistically with our bodies in a similar way to when they are in the plants they come from. No matter which ones you are using, if you are using high quality oils you trust and properly diluting any oils you put on your skin, then they are going to benefit you. Figure out which essential oils you like and then mix and match from there!

Thank you for reading and I hope you try out some of these combos! If you would like to read more about getting started with essential oils you can check this page out. AND subscribe to this blog so you never miss an essential oil tip!




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