Essential Oil Safety Infographic

This week on NamastayOiled I created a pinable infographic about essential oils!

Why is Essential Oil Safety Important?

Essential oils(EOs) have literally changed my life. Once I started using essential oils in triggered a domino effect that lead me to the chemical free life I live now. There is a lot of hoopla out there about risks regarding essential oils that is irritating to me because of how positively they’ve affect my life. This hoopla is out there because people think that you can just buy them and go to town. They dowse themselves in a citrus oil and expect a miracle. What they get instead is a chemical burn or an extreme sun burn. 1. Real citrus EOs are photosenstive and you shouldn’t use an excess amount topically if you are going out in the sun and 2. Fake, cheap “EOs” are created in a lab and could cause chemical burns.

I think treating essential oils with respect is extremely important. Essential oils are very condensed and powerful liquids. If you don’t do your research about how to use them properly and about the quality of different essential oil companies, you can actually do more harm than good. That is why when I first start teaching someone about essential oils, before they even open up that first bottle I am preaching safety. Knowledge is power people. Use it.

Essential oils are not a health fad. They have been around for thousands of years, are mentioned in the Bible, and will continue to be around for thousands more. I encourage you to use essential oils and learn how to use them safely. This post is a great place to start!

You can utilize this blog as a resource about how to correctly use essential oils and pin the infographics on this blog for future reference! If you are interested in reading more about essential oil basics then you can check out these two posts: Oils 101- What are Essential Oils and 10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started Using Essential Oils

If you want more about essential oils, how to use them correctly, or how I live a chemical free life you can subscribe to this blog. Educating people on how to live a chemical free life is my passion! If you’re ready to switch and starting living chemical free let me know through the contact me page and I would love to start helping you!






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