Featured Oil of the Week: Stress Away

Stress Away is an interesting essential oil(EO) that comes with the Premium Starter Kit because you can use it all the time! Some EOs have specific uses and others can be used every day.
Stress Away is one you can use day and night! Use it for de-stressing and focusing during the day and for relaxing and supporting healthy sleep at night.
This can be confusing for some because it our modern world today a drug that we would use to focus during the day we would most definitely not want to take at night. And a drug we would take to sleep at night we wouldn’t take at noon. That is because drugs override our natural body systems and clog up our nerves. Literally. Most drugs work because they stop signals from going from one nerve to the next. It creates a block.
Essential oils are earth made, plant products that work WITH our body not against it.
An EO like Stress Away will help you sleep at night because your body is already producing melatonin. It won’t make you sleepy during the day when you use it to help you focus because there isn’t any melatonin in your system.
Some of the awesome uses for Stress Away EO:
  • Rub a couple drops (or put a roller top on your bottle) over heart, on wrists, forearm, and along jawline when…
    • the dog poops in the house
    • you have job interview nerves
    • you’re in rush hour traffic
    • your boss is making you crazy
    • it’s finals week
    • your kids draw with sharpie on the walls
    • …you get the picture!
  • Diffuse this essential oil to help with focus (I have a diffuser at my desk at work that I leave there!)
  • Diffuse while your kids are doing their school work
  • Rub 2 drops on the bottoms of your feet before bed to support better sleep
  • Temper tantrums? Terrible twos? Dilute 2 drops with carrier oil and apply to child’s stomach and forearms (make a roller specifically pre-diluted for your kids so you can grab it right away!)
  • if your kids are at an age where car rides suck and all they want to do is cry… clip a wooden clothespin to your vent, drop a couple drops of stress away on it, turn on the air, and boom- instant car diffuser
  • Add 5 drops to Epsom salt and add to a hot bath, relax and enjoy
What Essential Oils are in Stress Away EO?

I hope this blog post gave you some new ideas of how to use Stress Away or inspired you to start using essential oils!

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