Featured Oil of the Week: RC

  • Sinus and Respiratory Support. Depending on the area needed apply 3 drops diluted to
    • bridge of nose and cheek bones
    • chest and neck area
    • outside of ear and down the sides of your neck to help with pressure (Remember Rule #1- Never put essential oils in your eyes or ears, only around them)
  • Put 5 drops in Epsom Salt and add to a hot bath- breathe deeply
  • Diffuse 4 drops in a cold water diffuser
  • great to diffuse with Eucalyptus!
  • Uplifting aroma is excellent when diffused during yoga or a workout
You might notice this oil doesn’t have as many uses as other essential oils. That is because it has a more specific purpose.
  • Myrtle EO
  • Marjoram EO
  • Pine EO
  • Cypress EO
  • Lavender EO
  • Black Spruce EO
  • Peppermint EO

I hope this blog post gave you some new ideas of how to use RC or inspired you to start using essential oils! It is one of my shorter blog posts because RC has a smaller scope of uses. If I missed something, feel free to comment what you use RC for!

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