Ditch and Switch: Chemical Free Skin Care

Another Ditch and Switch comin’ at ya! Today we will be talking about skin care. We won’t cover everything in one post so this will be a series on this blog. The highlight of today’s post will be the ART skin care system and why you should ditch your drug store or high end products. Chemical free skin care is extremely important and I will teach you why and what to do about it.

Ditch the chemicals, stop spending a fortune, and have great looking skin… Win. Win. Win. Am I right?!

You may be hearing more and more every day about chemicals, toxins, and scary things in our personal care products…with good reason! There is so little done to protect us from the dangers of these products. So, we need to be our own advocates for ourselves and our families, and learn to protect ourselves. There are SO many wildly alarming facts when it comes to the cosmetic industry. You can find a ton of information about this from the environmental working agency’s website (ewg.com) which is where these facts were pulled from.

Did you know?

The FDA does not require companies to test their cosmetics for safety. You read that right. Organizations actually have to prove that an ingredient is causing harm to have the FDA require that a company remove it from their products. Seem a little backwards to you?

Did you know?

With the exception of 8 prohibited substances and color additives, cosmetic companies can use any raw material they wish in their product. The European Union has banned more than 1,000.

Did you know?

Federal law allows cosmetic companies to leave some ingredients off their labels. The biggest one being fragrances. The term “fragrance” can include multiple ingredients under this one umbrella term and could be any one of 3,100 chemicals. This averages up to 14 hidden compounds that are linked to hormone disruption and sperm damage. This is ridiculous in my opinion and I talked a lot about ‘Fragrance’ in this blog post.

Did you know?

Toxic ingredients in products have been linked to health issues such as cancer, developmental and reproductive toxicity, endocrine disruption, allergies, DNA mutation, autoimmune disease and so much more. I highly encourage you to download the ‘ThinkDirty’ app for your phone and start scanning the items you use everyday.

Are you alarmed by this?! You SHOULD be! There is no reason this should to be the norm for Americans. Here at NamastayOiled we are on a mission to get safer, healthier products in the homes of every single person. You can take charge of your health and decide what ingredients you allow to be in your home and in your skin care products.

Ditch and Switch to…

That brings me to….. Young Living’s chemical free skin care line!! It’s AMAZING!!!! This is what I have switched to since ditching the chemicals in my products. You can spend tons of time researching individual products to see if they have any harmful chemicals OR you can switch to these products below. All of Young Living’s products are chemical free and great for your body. I love them and recommend them without any hesitation. It is a one stop shop and cuts out the time of researching tons of different brands and products. That is what I’m here for!

They use the best ingredients including their own essential oils. Young Living also uses an ingredient that many people pay big bucks for in their high end products. Keep reading if you want to find out what it is. Many of my Young Living favorites are from their ART line. It stands for age refining technology. 

Here are some of my favorite products that I use from Young Living-

ART Gentle Cleanser:

This cleanser is good for any skin type. Use twice a day, AM and PM. Those with sensitive skin tend to love this cleanser the best because it is gentle but goes deep into the skin to remove unwanted oils, dirt, and makeup. It has 5 essential oils in its formula to utilize their skin-enhancing benefits. Those oils are Frankincense, Sandalwood, Melissa, Lemon and Lavender. It only takes a little bit of cleanser to clean your face each day. Put a little amount, about a nickel size on your hands, and rub your hands together to lather the formula.

ART Toner:

Use this toner after the cleanser. I love this stuff and how clean my skin is because of it. Toner helps remove excess oil, dirt, and make up that you thought was all gone after cleansing. This toner is designed to work with other ART products and I love using them all in order. You can use a cotton ball or cotton round to wipe down face after cleansing. Be sure to pay extra attention to the nose, chin and t zone which is often extra oily. I like to put my toner is a spray bottle to make it last longer. I spray a cotton round and then wipe down my face.

ART Renewal Serum:

It is great for all skin types. Be sure to use it twice a day, AM and PM, for maximum hydration. ART Renewal Serum is formulated with an intricate blend of exotic botanicals that soothe and protect the face. It also has 6 essential oils which work to fight blemishes and leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and smooth! ART Renewal Serum is the perfect primer for your Savvy Minerals Makeup. Apply your renewal serum to your face lightly, immediately follow it with your moisturizer (preferably the ART light moisturizer to lock in that hydration from your serum), let it sit for about 2 minutes, and apply your Savvy minerals makeup.

ART Light Moisturizer:

It is a great moisturizer for any skin type but amazing for sensitive skin. It should be used twice a day, AM and PM. The ART light moisturizer is formulated to feel light on the skin while it hydrates and reduces fine lines. It doesn’t clog the pores and works in tandem with your skin’s natural properties. I love it because if I use anything too rich then I break out. But it has enough moisture that if you have dry skin, it will still do its job.

Beauty Serum:

This serum contains 6 essential oils along with 4 base oils, vitamin E and wolfberry seed oil. These powerhouses together create the perfect serum for dry skin. Use it twice a day, AM and PM, by adding 3-5 drops to your moisturizer and then applying. You can also spot treat directly onto the desired area, which is what I do after I put on my ART Light Moisturizer.

Why Young Living?

One of the ingredients that us Young Living fanatics love because of it’s AMAZING hydrating benefits is Hyaluronic Acid or Sodium hyaluronate.

“First off, don’t let the word “acid” fool you. Hyaluronic acid isn’t harsh or skin-stripping at all. In fact, it’s the exact opposite – a powerful humectant (aka moisture-binding ingredient) that keeps skin plump and hydrated and, yes, young-looking.” Read all about it here!

Wondering which Young Living products contain this magic youth fountain gem?
-ART Renewal Serum
-ART Creme Masque
-ART Intensive Moisturizer
-Boswellia Wrinkle Cream
-Sandalwood Moisture Cream
-Satin Mint Facial Scrub
-Wolfberry Eye Cream

This awesome ingredient, paired with the best essential oils in the world, are what make some of our best products. If you want to ditch the chemicals in your face products but don’t want to sacrifice quality or loose out on anti-aging properities, then you need these products. If you aren’t sure if you need to switch, download the ThinkDirty app and look up your products. I also use the ewg.com website to look up products and show people what they’re putting on their bodies.

The chemicals that companies are putting in our face products and other care products are causing us harm, and the FDA isn’t protecting you. I decided I wanted to be my own best advocate. You can too. Your skin is your largest organ and it absorbs what you put on it. You can change to a chemical free skin care routine too.

I hope this helped you learn how easy it can be to switch to chemical free products and that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get amazing younger looking skin. You can search ditch and switch in this blog to see all the posts in our ditch and switch series.

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Why Use Dryer Balls? Ditch Toxic Fragrance in Your Laundry Room

Dryer balls are excellent for replacing dryer sheets. However, many people miss the smell that used to go with the sheets. Well this post is for you! The smell of dryer sheets is one of the main reasons that you should ditch those sheets and switch to a chemical free version. That is why I love my wool dryer balls.

first- why you shouldn’t miss the smell

It seems like the more someone learns about the ingredients in dryer sheets it makes it a little bit easier to appreciate a true clean smell. But I understand that many people will want to have something to replace the smell with. That is why the next section will talk about using essential oils to make your clothes, towels, and sheets smell amazing!

Dryer sheets have multiple ingredients that I don’t want to use. The ingredient I have the most concern with is Fragrance. Fragrance is an umbrella term that companies are allowed to use on their products. Companies are allowed to put a whole list of ingredients in their products and label it with this one term. So much for full disclosure and transparency. It is in almost everything you buy for your home and body products. If you haven’t ever heard of the Environmental Working Group (EWG.org) then I strongly encourage you to check them out. This is a quote from their website:

“The word “fragrance” or “parfum” on the product label represents an undisclosed mixture of various scent chemicals and ingredients used as fragrance dispersants such as diethyl phthalate. Fragrance mixes have been associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory distress and potential effects on the reproductive system.” -Check out the full page on their website with references here.

This is especially concerning to me because a company (any company, not just dryer sheet producers) can use this one term on their label but have multiple ingredients in the product that are under this fragrance umbrella. This means that I not only don’t know what is in these products but also that fragrance on one product is not the same as fragrance listed on another product.

You can basically guarantee that if a product you buy has a smell, it has fragrance in it. Dryer sheets are definitely not the only culprit. Your laundry soap and softener, cleaners in your home(including many ‘natural’ cleaners), hand soaps, body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. And of course the more obvious culprits would be candles, room sprays, perfume, and body sprays. All of these have this term listed in their ingredients and it can almost 100% guarantee that their are multiple ingredients listed under that umbrella term.

Knowing about fragrance was enough to make me want to switch but there are also many other ingredients that the EWG and the Think Dirty app have rated low or extremely low. If you want to read more about some of the other ingredients in dryer sheets like  check out this EWG rating and this EWG rating. Okay, now on to the fun stuff!

essential oil recipes for your dryer balls

You can use any essential oil blends or singles that you would like to try but the ones below have proven to be the ones we love. I put about 6 drops total on the dryer balls and will use them for the entire day of laundry. I do most of my laundry in a single day so if you do loads multiple days of the week, then use less drops per load and add them throughout the week. The strongest smelling blends are at the top of the list, for all you peeps looking to replace your dryer sheets but still want a great smell.

  1. Joy – This essential oil blend is awesome if you want your laundry to smell amazing for a long time after you wash it.
  2. Geranium and Tangerine
  3. Ylang Ylang and Grapefruit
  4. Lavender and Lemon
  5. Cedarwood and Bergamot (if you’re looking for the cheapest option that still smells great, this is probably it!)
  6. Try any blend you want! It’s about what you like, not about what smells I like

I hope this post helped you realize why people are switching to dryer balls versus dryer sheets. If you are also concerned about your fabric softener, try using vinegar in replacement of it! No, your clothes won’t smell like vinegar. Yes, it actually softens! If you are wanting a replacement for your laundry detergent, this one is awesome.

On this blog we talk a lot about ditching and switching. Today we focused on the laundry room, even though there are so many products with this fragrance term. Subscribe to this blog to keep up on how I have been ditching the chemicals and switching to chemical free alternatives. You can also get your free guide to chemical free living right here!

My passion is chemical free living. I hope this helps you realize why it is important and how easy it can be to switch. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to start your chemical free journey. Thank you for reading!






Ditch and Switch: Toothpaste

Back at it again with another Ditch and Switch post. Here on this blog we prioritize what we put on our bodies and what products we use. I started this blog because it was so difficult to find all the answers I was looking for. I want this to be a place where you can come find answers. When you find out what is hiding in our home products, our skin care products, our cleaning products, our soaps…. the list goes on and on… once you find out what is really in these products, if you are anything like me, you won’t stop until you replace everything with sustainable, green, animal friendly, all natural, chemical free products. I am here to help you on that mission. Enter, Ditch and Switch.

This week we have, drum roll please….

Ditch: Traditional Toothpaste

Switch: Young Living Thieves All Natural Toothpaste


Why you should ditch-

Have you paid attention to what is in your toothpaste? You most likely know that there is Fluoride in your toothpaste. Your dentist has probably preached to you your entire life about the importance of Fluoride in your toothpaste. But you probably haven’t been told that Fluoride is a neurotoxin.

Poison control will even tell you that toothpaste is toxic and cause problems when ingested. But they follow up by telling you that it is safe to use as directed. What I don’t understand is why they aren’t concerned about this neurotoxin being absorbed through your skin.  Plus, side note, they don’t call it a neurotoxin on their website. Just saying.

Even though small amounts of fluoride in toothpaste, using as directed, won’t give you a fever, like it can if ingested, you are still absorbing small amounts of fluoride every day. This blog post by Ursa Major the explains this process extremely well and does so in a non-biased way. You not only are absorbing it through your skin, you are also swallowing small amounts everyday, even if you rinse well.

What is a neurotoxin? According to Encyclopedia Britannica the definition of a neurotoxin is… “Neurotoxin– substance that alters the structure or function of the nervous system.” “The substances include a wide range of natural and human-made chemical compounds, from snake venom and pesticides to ethyl alcoholheroin, and cocaine.”

“Neurotoxins are absorbed through inhalation, ingestion, skin contact, or injection and can have immediate or long-lasting impacts by causing neurons to malfunction or by disrupting interneuron communication. Slurred words or poor coordination due to toxic effects on neurons from alcohol consumption, for example, are temporary, whereas cognitive damage caused by lead exposure is irreversible. Certain neurotoxins are highly potent and have been developed into chemical weapons. The nerve agent sarin, for example, is an organophosphorous compound that is classified as a weapon of mass destruction; sarin gas can kill a person within 10 minutes of exposure.” – Encyclopedia Britannica

Essentially, a nuerotoxin affects your nervous system and could negatively affect you and your body in a number of ways….. No thanks.

Traditional toothpaste also has Triclosan in it. Triclosan has been reviewed by the FDA recently and they required the removal of Triclosan in soaps because “New data suggests that the systemic exposure to these active ingredients is higher than previously thought, and new information about the potential risks from systemic absorption and long-term exposure is now available” among other reasons. To read the new rule click here. However, they have not required that it be removed from toothpaste, read here. Three things jump out at me here: 1. Systemic Absorption, 2. Long-Term Exposure, and 3. They only required removal from soaps. These don’t add up for me. Why would it not be important to remove it from any body product? If you don’t think that systemic absorption and long term exporsure is a real risk with any product that has Triclosan in it, think again. This is just proof that we cannot rely on the FDA to keep consumers safe. Read more about Triclosan here.

There are many other reasons to switch from traditional toothpastes. One being that they train consumers with their commercials to think you need a lot of toothpaste. Consumers use more toothpaste and then consequently they make more money. I could go on but these are enough reason for me to ditch my traditional toothpaste.

switching to actual all natural toothpaste-

I have been using the Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste for over a year now and I love it! I am so grateful I found a company that I trust fully. I don’t need to second guess that they are sneaking some ingredient in, while still labeling it “Natural” or “Simple Ingredients”. One great resource for seeing false advertising is The Food Babe on Instagram. She mainly focuses on food false labeling and ingredients but many major body product companies do this as well.

Young Living’s Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste is actually made with ingredients that I trust including coconut oil and essential oils. Coconut oil is used by many people for oil pulling and is a great addition to the ingredient list. Plus, this toothpaste doesn’t have that weird after taste that many natural toothpastes have. Which by the way, read the ingredients on Tom’s toothpaste…  SLS is listed as an ingredient. And on some of their toothpastes sodium fluoride is listed as an ingredient. So much for their “natural” label. 

The essential oils in the Aromabright toothpaste are:

  • Peppermint EO
  • Spearmint EO
  • Clove EO
  • Ocotea EO
  • Cinnamon EO
  • Lemon EO
  • Rosemary EO

All of these essential oils will help support a healthy mouth. Plus, they make the toothpaste taste amazing. You don’t even have to worry about swallowing it. What a concept.

If you are ready to make the switch, click here to get started with actual all natural Thieves products.

Thank you for reading and I hope this helps clear some things up about something many, many people use every single day. You can go your whole life without knowing something but the moment you learn, it is what you do with that knowledge that will make the difference in your life.

On this blog we talk about all things essential oils and yoga, plus a little more. Sharing the oil love is my passion, not just my job. If you are interested in using Essential Oils you can contact me with questions or check out this post. Or both!





Ditch and Switch: Household Cleaners

Another Ditch and Switch comin at ya! Where we DITCH the dangerous chemicals and SWITCH to all natural cleaning. Today’s edition is all about Household Cleaners and I am here to make your life easier.

Let me guess. You open up the cabinet under your kitchen sick and you see over ten different cleaners. One for the bathroom sinks, one for your kitchen counter tops, one for the floors, one for windows and glass…. The list goes on and on. Guess what that means? The chemical count for your house keeps on growing. Let’s say the average cleaner has ten ingredients. That makes room for the one that has 30 and the one that has 5. Now multiply that by however many bottles are under the sink, above the washer and dryer in your laundry room, in that hall closet, etc. If you have 20 bottles of different kinds of cleaners and they had ten ingredients each, that is 200 different chemicals in your home.

In Europe, they have banned hundreds of chemicals from being used that we come in contact with most likely every single day in the US. Don’t get me wrong, I am all American. We are just a little behind on this front. Which is why I take responsibility for my health by looking at ingredient labels on my beauty products, household cleaners, and other products. At least as much as I can. It is a process of learning and finding safer, affordable alternatives. The ThinkDirty App and EWG.org have been helpful when I first starting researching chemicals in our homes.

BUT if you don’t want to spend a crazy amount of time researching…that is where this blog comes in! My success story of changing out basically all of my cleaning products for ONE product. Seriously.

All Natural Cleaning
Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner


Young Living Thieves Household Cleaner is a saving grace when it comes to cleaning naturally without any harmful chemicals. The title of the infographic above should be 7 ways to start cleaning with Thieves because you can’t count on two hands how many ways I use Thieves Household Cleaner!

  • If someone in the house is sick or someone at work is sick I go around spraying all the doorknobs to make sure that crap isn’t spreading
  • I use it on my granite counter tops
  • I use it on my butcher block counter top!
  • I use it on and in the microwave, fridge, freezer, and oven
  • I spray soft surfaces like you would with Lysol disinfectant spray
  • Add some Pine EO or Citrus Fresh EO if you want Thieves to smell like your traditional floor cleaner!
  • I use it on all my bathroom surfaces including the toilet.  I create a paste with the Thieves Cleaner and Thieves Dishwasher Powder. I use it for the sinks, shower, and even the inside of the toilet! (The dishwasher detergent is a great addition to the Thieves line because it has enzymes like Amylase and Protease)
  • I use it on my window sills and baseboards
  • I use it on my stainless steal kitchen sink
  • It works on mirrors and windows with no streaks
  • Use it on Toys! With no chemical trace that will get on your child’s skin or in their mouth – Even safe enough to have your school aged children help with the cleaning! *Decide for yourself if you want to do this, per usual disclaimer.

I’ve named two Thieves products and over 20 uses. As far as home cleaning goes, these are the only two products I use. It not only cleans my entire home well and safely, it saves me money. The Thieves Household Cleaner comes in a condensed liquid that you then dilute. You hardly ever have to buy a new bottle of the cleaner since you only use a little at a time. It normally averages out to under a $1.00 per bottle! It depends on your dilution rate. I mostly use it diluted 1:30 and only use 1:15 sometimes (refer to infographic for dilution ratios). If you only used the 1:30 ratio that would mean one bottle of Thieves Cleaner would make 64 spray bottles(30 ounces) and each bottle would cost you 76 cents! Plus, it is environmentally friendly since you are reusing the same spray bottle.

Less Waste. Less money. Better Clean. all natural cleaning.


Want to learn more about how well Thieves cleans? I’m not the only one who knows it cleans better and safer than traditional, harmful cleaners. Check out these other sites:

For more ideas check out my Pinterest for Young Living blog infographics and educational images! Pin this post for easy reference: hover over the images to pin! On your phone, click the image once and a Pin It icon will appear!




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Ditch and Switch: Bathroom Products

Ditch and switch is a health series on this blog revolving around making your home chemical free. I’ll be listing the products I have switched to with success!

We are exposed to hundreds of chemicals throughout our day and our bathroom products are extremely concerning because we put them on our skin! Our skin is like a sponge and most of those chemicals get drawn into your body. Yuck! In the hopes of limiting the amount of chemicals in my body I have slowly started ditching the chemical filled products and switching to alternatives. You can check out the last Ditch and Switch blog post here. I wrote about one of the main items in our bathrooms that are filled with chemicals: Makeup. If you want to find out some of the natural products I use please keep reading!

Coconut Oil: tons of uses! Have you been on Pinterest lately?

  • Use it as your shave cream! I have a little jar I keep filled with coconut oil in my shower to shave with. It works better than shave cream and there aren’t any harsh chemicals. My skin has never been more hydrated and soft. You might think that this is more expensive BUT if you think about how expensive that bottle of shave cream is…it evens out. Buy bulk coconut oil…use it for everything. I use a little glass jar but fair warning you might want to use plastic.
  • I use it in my deodorant recipe! LOVE it.
  • Hand cream/Foot cream- rough spots? Coconut oil to the rescue.
  • Use it as a carrier oil for Essential Oils.

Norwex Body Cloths: I use these to remove my eye makeup! They are amazing. Just get them damp, hold over your eye for 10 seconds, and then rub gently. Boom. No chemicals here and a reusable product! Wham bam.

Essential Oil Beauty Serum: An amazing Young Living  serum that has Cedarwood EO, Coconut oil, Avocado oil, Blue Cypress wood oil, Lavender EO, Myrrh EO, Clove flower bud oil, Wolfberry seed oil, Royal Hawaiian Sandalwood EO, plus other great ingredients.

  • Add two to three drops in Argan Oil for my hair. Use less for shorter hair. I get complimented on how amazing my hair smells regularly.
  • I also use this in hair masks!
  • Add one drop in your moisturizer before bed.

Art Trio: Gentle Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer- all from Young Living. What they do have: Essential Oils! What they don’t have: Parabens, Synthetic colors, Fragrance, Phthalates, Triclosan, Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) / Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), Formaldehyde, or Toluene! Read more on their blog here.

  • Gentle Foaming Cleanser: the name gives it away, this cleanser is very gentle, still does it’s job, and doesn’t dry your skin out. It feels amazing on my skin and smells so good!
  • Toner: I had no idea what I was missing before using this toner. I will never go without toner again.
  • Moisturizer: this light moisturizer does wonders without clogging my pores (on days when I am feeling a bit drier I add one or two drops of the Young Living Essential Oil Beauty Serum to my moisturizer)
  • Beauty Hint: I use it all 3 of these on my face, neck, upper back, chest, and shoulders. A little goes a long way and I don’t notice I have to reorder that much more frequently to do this. Besides, women spend literally hundreds of dollars on products with secrets to anti-aging. These products have EOs in them and are less pricey AND I use them all over. Boomski.

Toothpaste: Did you know fluoride, that thing your dentist and the government has been telling you since you were 5 that you need, is actually a neurotoxin? Google fluoride neurotoxin. In my opinion, I don’t want to use fluoride in my toothpaste or in my water. Feel free to not listen to me and make up your own mind. If you have the same reaction I did when I found this out, “WTF”. Then Young Living’s Aromabright toothpaste is for you. I love it! It doesn’t have a strong, weird taste that other natural toothpastes have. And I have had the best check ups in my life since using this toothpaste. Plus I floss more too.

If you’re interested in finding out what chemicals are lurking in your bathroom, I would suggest downloading the ThinkDirty App. It doesn’t have every single product but gives you a good idea about whats bad and what isn’t. Hashtag not an ad. I started scanning all my products and freaked. I slowly have been trading out all my products and wanted to share my successes. Hopefully this will make it easier for you to ditch and switch too!

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Much of the information within my essential oil posts I have learned in my course study with The School for Aromatic Studies and from personal usage.

Ditch and Switch! Your Makeup Bag

Hello there! Today we have a ‘Ditch and Switch’ blog post. This will be another regularly occurring series on this blog where we discuss some of the chemicals in our homes and what to replace them with! This week our topic will be ‘Your Makeup Bag!’


About a year ago I took a class with one of my Facebook oil groups. It was all about chemicals in our homes and I was shocked at the information. I knew some things like harsh cleaners probably weren’t good for you and that’s why my mom used to yell “put gloves on!!” when she saw me cleaning the tub…. But I had no idea at the extent of horrible chemicals filling our homes and how readily available, with no warnings, these products are. Aisles upon aisles of chemical filled home, cleaning, and beauty products at our local stores. And no one (okay some people have known forever, but most of us) has any clue. That is where this series comes in!

Check out some ingredients that are most likely in your makeup bag:


Some of the terms associated with these chemicals are carcinogen, short term toxicity, long term toxicity, linked to miscarriages, lung disease, liver and kidney cancer, and a whole mess of others depending on the chemical. And that is just a list of the most frequent chemicals that have gained some notice in the health world lately. There are literally thousands of chemicals in, not only your make up bag, but throughout your home. Many ingredients in makeup within the US are banned in European and other countries. I would encourage you to read the article below. The EWG(Environmental Working Group) is a great organization that helps keep us up to date on items like chemicals in our lives. This is not an ad peeps, I just like their info…. Hashtag not an ad.



We are exposed to an astonishing number of chemicals everyday. (As for you scientists out there… I know everything is made up of chemicals. I am referring to harmful and/or man made chemicals when I write ‘chemical’ in this post.) Especially us women with our loads of bathroom products. Sorry I’m not sorry for taking over the bathroom honey…. 🙂 Depending on what article or study you go by we put between 100 to over 500 chemicals on our bodies everyday. We have shampoo, conditioner, shave cream, hair spray, face wash, toner, moisturizer, primer, eye cream, lotion, scrubs, and tons of different make up products all with their own unique slew of chemicals. That adds up fast. When I went to the Young Living Health and Wellness event here in Phoenix Haley, Jensen called this the chemical blender. We just throw all these different chemicals in our bodies, hit high speed, and hope for the best.

Okay, let me ask you this… Do you think your skin protects you from the world? If you said yes, you are right. That is what we grow up thinking. BUT our skin is also a sponge and much of what we put on it gets absorbed into our bodies. You wouldn’t think so but in some people’s opinion what you put on your skin is more important than what you put in your body. I think both are important.

When I found out about all these chemicals I had just started getting into beauty. Youtube opened up a whole new world of beauty products that I all of a sudden needed….me. the girl who never wears makeup… Anyways, I was super disappointed that all these beauty wonders were making my skin a toxic waste land. Then the clouds broke, the sun came out, and a rainbow appeared…. Young Living announced their Savvy Minerals line at the 2017 convention. Okay, that might have been a bit dramatic but that’s how it felt! Searching for non toxic beauty products that actually worked was ridiculous. I tried and failed. Nothing was 100% good for you and not one product worked for me.

Savvy Minerals is

  • formulated without talc, bismuth, parabens, phalates, petrochemiclas, or synthetic fragrances
  • ideal for sensitive skin
  • vegan friendly (the lip sticks and mascara have beeswax- everything else is vegan!)
  • not tested on animals (these last two are extremely important to me!)
  • made with mineral based ingredients
  • long lasting all day wear

When I tried the YL Savvy foundation I was in love. Not only is it 100% great for my body, it is easy to use and makes me feel fabulous. Confession- I am just not the get up an hour early to do my hair and makeup. I’m just not. That’s why I love the Savvy line, you can do a quick less than 5 minute routine that gets you ready to go or you can dress it up, take a little longer, and look Friday night ready.

Ready to purchase? Click here, send me a message saying “I want that Makeup please!” and I will help you color match to get your very own set of Savvy Minerals!

I am also stoked that YL is coming out with a Lavender EO infused mascara this fall! Then my makeup routine will be completely chemical free! If you have any questions for me or would like to purchase some YL Savvy Minerals products please feel free to contact me! I hope you start ‘Ditching and Switching’ some of the chemicals in your makeup bag for a safer alternative!