Get Started with Essential Oils

Hello there! You have found this page on NamastayOiled because you want to get started with Essential Oils. First, congratulations on wanting to take a giant step towards better health and wellness! Not one of the people I have helped get started with essential oils has regretted it!

Don’t worry, I will help you every step of the way. I don’t sell oils…well okay I technically do… BUT what is important is I am selling health and wellness. With me, you won’t just get oils, you get the NamastayOiled community. I am dedicated to all my customers and will teach you how to be a seasoned oiler. Read through this page to get signed up and you will hear from me through email shortly afterwards.

Instructions: get started with essential oils

Let’s get to it! Click on this link. It should open in a new tab so you can go back and forth from this tab to that one for reference.

Member and the correct ID numbers are already entered. Just click continue. A pop up will open to confirm you want me as your Enroller- yes you do! Leave the box unchecked and click continue.

The next page will say Starter Kits and you get to pick your diffuser under Step One! There are more expensive options but the Dew Drop is one of my favorite diffusers and lasts a long time. The Dew Drop will already be selected. Choose which one you would like.

If you are looking for the Thieves Premium Starter Kit, select the Other Premium Kits tab and click Thieves Kit. To read more about the Thieves Premium Starter Kit click here.

Step Two on this page is optional. Read more on Essential Rewards below if you are interested.

Step Three on this page gives you the option to add more products. You can read more about what comes in the Premium Starter Kit here. If you are looking for something specific that you’d like to add but aren’t sure what to get Contact Me and I’ll be happy to help! Some of my favorites I recommend adding on are Grapefruit Vitality, Oregano, and Peace and Calming!

Then click next. If you didn’t sign up for Essential Rewards it will ask you if you’d like to. Either add products for ER or click Continue Enrollment.

Contact information is next. Fill out as usual. The only question I usually get on this page is about individual with social or without social. You can choose either. If you wouldn’t mind making some money when your friends are totally obsessed with your new oils and they want to get on it too, then choose to add your social security number. Young Living uses this for tax purposes when you start earning income. I will never, ever have access to your social. If you don’t want to ever make some extra cash then select individual without. You get the same products either way. It is up to you.

Check agree to terms and conditions, the usual. Then hit continue. And checkout.

Final Step- After you have checked out, you need to subscribe to the correct email list. This gives me permission to send you emails that will help you when you first get your kit. You will only get emails related to this blog and your oil membership. I want to make sure you LOVE your new kit and know how to start using it.

If you purchased the Premium Starter Kit you need to subscribe to this email list.

If you purchased the Thieves Premium Starter Kit you need to subscribe to this email list.

This final step is what makes buying oils through me different than buying oils through someone else, or even a different company. Education is what I am passionate about and I will make sure you are successful in using oils. When you purchase oils through me, you don’t just get the oils- You get me as your oil education guide. Send me questions and I will get back to you as quickly as possible. Search this blog for posts about your questions.

When you purchase Young Living oils through NamastayOiled, you will have everything you need to change your lifestyle and start living a life of Whole Life Wellness.

premium starter kit

All the deets on the Premium Starter Kit right here.

Thieves Premium Starter kit

All the deets on the Thieves Premium Starter Kit right here.

Essential rewards

If you don’t sign up for this right away, you will eventually. It is essentially a monthly subscription box that you get to customize, earn points on everything you buy, loyalty gifts, and get discounted shipping. It is an Essential Oil lovers best friend. Every single person I have enrolled, except for maybe two, have loved Essential Rewards and are currently enrolled.

Essential Rewards is a reward program that rewards you for shopping with them. Almost all oil users purchase oils and other health products with

Signing up for Essential Rewards while checking out- Under Step Two click Customize Monthly Order. It will bring you to a navigational page with all of Young Livings products. You can search by name or browse through the categorizes. Select what you’d like by clicking the blue add product button. Once you have a minimum of 50 PV under Monthly Order Summary at the bottom of the page, click Save Monthly Order and proceed with checkout.

Welcome to the NamastayOiled Community!

Well you made it to the end of the page! Either that means you made the jump and are now on the oil train, whoop whoop! OR you are on the fence. If you happen to be the latter feel free to Contact Me with any questions you may have. I promise you, getting started with Essential Oils will be one of the best decisions you make about your health.

I’m so glad you’re here and I can’t wait for you to get your package in the mail and get started with essential oils! I will be here with you every step of the way. You’ll receive emails from me walking you through what to do when your kit arrives and always feel free contact me! See you then!