Featured Oil of the Week: Copaiba

Copaiba is an essential oil (EO) that many new oil users have no idea what to do with but it is in the Premium Starter Kit for a reason!
Young Living(YL) makes this essential oil from the Copaiba trees in the Brazilian rain forest by tapping the tree, similar to how you see maple trees being tapped for maple syrup!
“You’ll be hard-pressed to find real copaiba essential oil anywhere in the United States. It’s true, other companies sell copaiba “oil” that contains the entire resin or is a distilled form of the leaf. Unfortunately these products don’t contain the high amounts of beta caryophyllene that is in the Young Living Therapeutic Grade™ copaiba essential oil” (Young Living Blog).
Have you ever heard of beta-caryophyllene? It is a naturally occurring constituent in essential oils. Meaning that it is a tiny molecule that is in some essential oils. It is also known and sought after for being in medicinal cannabis. Look it up! Well, YL Copiaba EO has even higher amounts of this amazing little constituent than medical cannabis. This makes Copaiba a special EO that you should try out!
It helps support nearly every system in our body, so you should start using it! It also is a magnifier for other oil properties so you can “Bump” other essential oils.
Some of the awesome uses for Copaiba EO:
  • Skin support- apply topically to support healthy skin (apply to your face, to your thighs, and any other areas you’d like your skin to go back ten years). Great to pair with Frankincense!
  • Diffuse for an uplifting and happy aroma
  • Stomach support – use with DiGize topically or take by itself in a capsule
  • Help support a healthy metablosim by applying topically to the bottoms of your feet every day
  • Diffuse at night before bed to unwind
  • Apply topically to your throat when you have a scratchy throat
  • “Bump” another oil by adding Copaiba EO
  • Help your body’s response to inflammation by applying Copaiba topically or by taking it internally in a capsule. Start with one drop in a capsule, fill with carrier oil, and go from there.
  • Use this oil to help with muscle soreness recovery after
Young Living Blends that have Copaiba eo in them:
  • Deep Relief Roll On
  • Breathe Again Roll On
  • Stress Away

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Before starting your journey with Essential Oils please do more research and have someone experienced with EOs help you out. If you do not have anyone you know with EO experience, you can message me through the Contact Me page. And of course keep tuning in to this blog for more EO information by subscribing!

Much of the information within my essential oil posts I have learned in my course study with The School for Aromatic Studies and from personal usage.

Featured Oil of the Week: Frankincense

Frankincense! This amazing oil has so many wonderful properties and benefits that it is hard to live without. This essential oil is made from Frankincense trees in Northern Africa. They produce the oil from the resin that seeps from the trees.


This Essential Oil has a long history and was even given to the baby Jesus. I always think of Christmas because of this and figured this would be great time to tell you all about Frankincense Essential Oil! Using Essential Oils can help you live a healthier lifestyle. Start using essential oils like Frankincense every day to start living a life of wellness.

  1. Great for soothing and protecting your skin from the elements! This oil was beloved by old societies. It was known to be used by the wealthy for embalming purposes. For this same reason is why it is great for your skin! No matter your age, adding a drop of Frankincense to your moisturizer is well worth it. Read more in the side note below!
  2. Yogis- A grounding and spiritual oil to use during your yoga or meditation practice. Either diffuse or apply topically.
  3. Frankincense essential oil is great for calming. Drop two drops in your palms and rub them clockwise together, cup your palms over your nose and breathe deeply, then hold your palms over the back of your neck.
  4. Drop one drop under your tongue (also called sublingual) to help support a healthy immune system.
  5. Massage into desired area after an awesome asana practice or workout
  6. Apply Frankincense EO to any skin areas you would like a little extra help with
  7. Diffuse for an uplifting scent on a rainy day
Essential oils that go great with frankincense
  1. Copiaba EO – can be great for supporting a healthy skeletal system
  2. Lavender EO- calming and skin support
  3. Peppermint EO- can be very soothing for head tension
  4. Patchouli EO and Cedarwood EO- a great pair for yogis!
  5. Lemon EO- uplifting and amazing diffuser dou

Side note- Why do we add it to our moisturizer instead of just putting it directly onto the skin? Essential oils are volatile substances, which means that they literally jump into the air! That is why when someone opens a bottle of Lavender essential oil across the room it isn’t long before you can smell it. When you put a drop of essential oil onto your skin it will do the same thing. In order to hold on to those essential oil molecules, and prevent them from jumping off your skin and into the air, we put them in a carrier oil or a thicker, fatty oil. Then it holds them to your skin and there is more of the essential oil for your skin to absorb. We don’t want to be wasting precious Frankincense essential oil!

Frankincense EO is great for supporting your overall wellness! Pin the image above to save this blog post for future reading. Frankincense even comes in the Premium Starter Kit, which is crazy! This isn’t the cheapest oil but it is one of the most beloved essential oils. You can start using essential oils to live a life of wellness. I always tell all my customers that using Young Living isn’t about buying essential oils, it is about living a life of wellness.

If you’re interested in this oil contact me! I love talking oils and helping people incorporate essential oils into their lifestyle. I hope you enjoyed this post and perhaps you learned something new. Subscribe to this blog for more essential oil goodness every week.




Thieves Premium Starter Kit

Hello again! If you have found this page it is because you are interested in the Thieves line. The Thieves Premium Starter Kit is out of this world and perfect if you are wanting to overhaul your home. Get rid of those nasty, cancer causing chemical filled cleaning and home products and replace them with Thieves!

Thieves is life changing and Young Living makes it so easy! Trying to find products that work that don’t have all the crap we want to avoid is hard! Until you meet the Thieves line. Stop searching. You have found the answer to all your needs. Clean your whole house and take care of yourself with the all natural Thieves line. If you’re ready to purchase your Thieves Premium Starter Kit click here!

What comes in the thieves premium starter kit?

Two Condensed Thieves Household Cleaners:

One bottle of this condensed formula of Thieves Cleaner can make 14 spray bottles(30 ounces) and each bottle would cost you less than a dollar. This is because of the discounted price of this Starter Kit. Read all about this cleaner on my blog post Ditch and Switch: Household Cleaners.

Two Thieves Foaming Hand Soaps:

The best hand soap I’ve ever used. Cleansing, moisturizing, and lasts forever. I don’t even have to use a full pump.

Two Thieves Waterless Hand Purifiers:

I never have liked hand sanitizers. They gave me migraines and dried out my hands. Not this one! I always keep this in my purse. Some of the hand soaps in public restrooms are the worst. Can you say “Tricolsan, Sodium laureth sulfate, Fragrance, Yellow number 5, and Red number 4”. What I say to that, “No thanks”.

Two Thieves Spray

Like having the Thieves Household cleaner on the go! Another item to keep in your purse. Handles for the grocery cart, cleaning your keyboard at work, and even spraying the handle when someone sick leaves your office.

Thieves Mouthwash and Thieves Aromabright Toothpaste

Tell the alcohol and flouride goodbye. Don’t worry, you won’t miss them. If you want to, google Flouride Neurotoxin to find out for yourself.

15mL Thieves Essential Oil

The amazing oil that started it all! Check out the history and the many uses for Thieves on this blog post: Featured Oil of the Week Thieves.

Stress Away Essential Oil with Roller Top

Stress away is a bonus oil that comes with this kit. It smells heavenly! First thing you should do when you open this kit is put that roller top on and start rolling! Roll it on your wrists and your jaw line.

Two NingXia Red Samples

Yummy, antioxidant super power juice! Well, almost. This amazing stuff is made from the wolfeberry or gofi berry, which has an amazing amount of antioxiandant power, amino acids, and fatty acids. Check out this article on the berry itself. I drink it every single day.

Sample EO Packets

So you can try out some of Young Living’s most popular Essential Oils!

Plus, Ten Mini Oil bottles for sharing


Thieves is an amazing thing. It has changed the way I live my life. It has completely overtaken my house and I couldn’t be happier about it. Chemicals in my bathrooms? Nope. Chemicals in my toothpaste. Not anymore. Chemicals in my cleaners? Heck no. Chemicals in soap? Nah.

Ditch the chemicals and switch to Thieves! Are you ready? It’s never been easier to switch to an all natural lifestyle.

If you are ready to make the switch, click here.


There is also an Oils Premium Starter Kit that has essential oils, including Thieves EO, and a diffuser. It is another way of starting your path to a healthier lifestyle. Click to check it out.

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Premium Starter Kit

What is the Premium Starter Kit?

A kit put together by Young Living to make it easy, and cheaper, to get started using Essential Oils. And not just dip your toes in. Really get your feet wet and start using Essential Oils. Click on any of the images to read more about that one item!

What does the Premium Starter Kit come with?

11 5mL bottles of Essential Oils-
























A diffuser of your choice-

2 samples of Ning-Xia Red(size that comes with kit are the packets shown) –

One Roller Fitment (turns a bottle into a roller bottle!) –

Sample packets (you get two of each) –

Plus, you get 10 mini bottles for sharing or traveling.

Ready to jump in? Click here!
why you should jump in with both feet…

Young Living has the highest quality Essential Oils out there. There are plenty of people out there that will argue with me but I have done my research. AND I use them every single day and they work. They really work. It still to this day blows my mind how well the work. For more info on why Young Living click here.

The Premium Stater Kit is how I first got started using Essential Oils and I truly believe it is the best way to start. It gives you enough, but not too much, to really get your feet wet and start learning how to use Essential Oils to better your life. It not only gives you everything you need to get started on a healthier path, it packages it all up together to give you a cheaper price. Depending on the diffuser you pick, you will spend less than 180 bucks total. You get everything mentioned above and a membership with Young Living with no commitments.

The membership with Young Living gets you wholesale pricing without having to commit to purchasing anything further. You can order your kit, be a member, and never order again. Even though you have zero commitment to order again, you most definitely will  but it will be because you love your oils and how they are changing your life. When you do order again, you will pay the wholesale cost.

Zero commitment membership + wholesale pricing = newfound health and wellness.

The Premium Starter Kit is the way to go or I wouldn’t recommend it. All my peeps get started this way and not one has regretted it. I love my job because instead of selling a product just to make a living, I am spreading health and wellness to my NamastayOiled community. Are you ready to start using essential oils? Click here and join me on the oil train. A train where community means everything, you get a real life person to answer your questions, and we prioritize real health and wellness. You’re worth it and so are the oils.

A Note on the Vitality Line

The Vitality line with Young Living are Essential Oils labeled for dietary use. They are the bottles above with the white labels. Young Living came out with this line because the FDA regulated that essential oil companies cannot put Aromatic, Topical, and Internal uses on the same label. That is when the vitality line was born. All vitality oils through Young Living are labeled for internal use. You can put these oils in your water, Lemon EO yes please! You can use these oils in cooking or they can be taken in a capsule.

Please, please read your label if you do not use Young Living. Not all oils are created equal and many state on the label do not consume or for external use only. Others even state not for topical use! Yikes. For more on this topic check out this blog post here and scroll down to Essential Oil grades.

Get on the oil train with me here! 


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Much of the information within my essential oil posts I have learned in my course study with The School for Aromatic Studies and from personal usage.